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Here are a few of my favourite papers.

This paper, from my PhD with George Whitesides, describes the formation of �self-assembled monolayers� on gold and has been cited over 2300 times:
C. D. Bain, E. B. Troughton, Y. T. Tao, J. Evall, G. M. Whitesides and R. G. Nuzzo “Formation of Monolayer Films by the Spontaneous Assembly of Organic Thiols from Solution onto Gold” Journal of the American Chemical Society 1989, 111, 321�335.

Using chemical reactions to drive liquid drops uphill was great fun, but involved a lot of painstaking work � all of it by undergraduates:
C. D. Bain, G. D. Burnett-Hall and R. R. Montgomerie “Rapid Motion of Liquid Drops” Nature (London) 1994, 372, 414�415 (DOI).

This feature article describes our early work, and that of other groups, using the new technique of sum-frequency spectroscopy. It has become a standard reference article with nearly 300 citations:
C. D. Bain “Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy of the Solid/Liquid Interface” Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 1995, 91, 1281�1296 (DOI).

A simple, elegant experiment that overturns one of the standard assumptions in kinetic models for the adsorption of surfactants:
D. M. Colegate and C. D. Bain “Adsorption Kinetics in Micellar Solutions of Nonionic Surfactants” Physical Review Letters 2005, 95, 198302/1�4 (DOI).

This paper shows how light can induce an interaction between polystyrene spheres which then spontaneously assemble into regular two-dimensional arrays:
C. D. Mellor and C. D. Bain “Array Formation in Evanescent Waves” ChemPhysChem 2006, 7, 329-332 (DOI).

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